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1、Technology Transfer

Scope: steam turbine and generator (≤50MW) overall licensing and technology transfer, turbine type: condensing steam turbine, back pressure steam turbine, extraction condensing steam turbine, extracting back pressure steam turbine, injection steam turbine and others; Generator: 50/60Hz, Brushless exciting/static SCR exciting, 2 Pole generators. Steam scope: from LP saturated steam (absolute pressure≥0.15Mpa) to HP & HT steam (absolute pressure≤10Mpa).

a. Authorization can be for any one single model steam turbine, or for a series models of a certain type.

b. Technology Transfer scope covers turbine and generator’s manufacturing drawings, standards, process, thermal calculation manual and so on.

c. QNP can design new turbine according to clients’ requirement, then overall licensing or technology transfer the design.

d. Undertake the development of unconventional steam turbine, then overall licensing or technology transfer the design, such as High Speed steam turbine.

e. After technology transfer, QNP will provide technical support and commissioned design with long-term favourable price. 

2、Joint investment in building Service Station

QNP has more than 30 years’ experience in turbine and generator’s manufacture, installation, commissioning, maintenance, overhaul, transformation of energy-saving technology, technical update and so on, we can provide full range technical services. Therefore, QNP are looking for partners in all over the world and developing the maintenance, overhaul, energy-saving technical transformation, and technical upgrade in the partners’ marketing. The Partner should have certain capabilities in one or more various of rotating machinery’s maintenance and overhaul, market resources or equipment. QNP and partners jointly establish maintenance and repair stations or companies. QNP not only can provide technical supporting, also support for technicians and special test equipment.

3、Equipment Investment as shares

If Partners have projects which concern steam turbine and generator, we can invest STG as shares, jointly construct projects and recover proceeds. The projects could be biomass power generation, garbage power or other such as coal, gas power generation projects.